Wallet? What wallet?

My wallet had become quite fat and heavy, so I decided to see how others were tackling this problem. Quite a few people were switching to minimal wallets, card cases and money clips. So, about a month ago, I decided to go minimal on my wallet problem.

First, I took out all the stuff from my wallet and decided which of those items I really needed. I pared it down to 3 essential cards and a few currency notes:

  • NETS card for monetary transactions.
  • EZ-Link card for commuting on buses and trains.
  • University card for access to university facilities.
  • Lunch money.

After that, I picked up a tiny card case with 4 slots that could hold these items. Among the 4 items, the EZ-Link and university card never need to be removed out since they use RFID. And I was done!

This minimal wallet was so thin and small that I could not even feel its presence in my back pocket! It has been more than a month and the experiment has been a success. I am even thinking of skipping the lunch money, since I can keep that at my desk at work.


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