Race is yet another thriller from the Abbas-Mustan stable. Saif Ali Khan and Akshaye Khanna play two brothers who have inherited their father’s vast property and stud farm in Durban, South Africa. Saif runs the business, while his younger brother Akshaye is a useless drunkard. Or so it seems until Akshaye turns the tables by hatching an elaborate plan to kill his brother and get the $100 million insurance policy in his name.

I cannot remember any movie as preposterous as Race! Every scene screams of unnecessary extravagant splurging, which only cheapens the feel of the movie. Most movies have a twist or two, for example the single twist (or reveal) at the end of The Sixth Sense. What Abbas-Mustan have done in Race is to throw in every single possible ridiculous twist into the plot! These twists are so hyperbolic and they are revealed with such regularity that Race reaches new heights of ludicrousness. Also, thrown into this melee is Anil Kapoor as a cop who spouts extremely poor jokes and double entendres. The acting and editing are unbelievably tacky for a movie of this budget. Music thief Pritam has stolen a few more Korean songs for Race and Pehli Nazar Mein is the one I like. There are too many songs and their videos are all similar: a guy and a gal dancing at a club. These songs have been literally thrown into the movie at random points. Race feels like a movie made by an amateur wedding videographer if you gave him 100 crores. No wait, even he would do a better job than Race! 🙂


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