Community (Season 2)

In its second season, Community hits all the right notes. In Season 1, I had noted that Community flailed around for half the season before finding its groove. Gone is that confusion, Season 2 is all batty and all intelligent!

In this season, Jeff and Britta continue their on-off love, Annie gets prettier and Shirley has a baby. But forget that, Season 2 is all about homages. Every episode clearly focuses on recreating a subculture and you will love it if you can get that meme. Some of the memorable homages of this season are to Jesus, zombies, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and Westerns. A Christmas episode explores the mind of Abed and is created using stop-motion animation. That is probably the craziest and brilliant byte of this season. At 24 episodes, this is one long season and I loved it.


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