Kismat Konnection (क़िस्मत कनेक्शन)

I watched Kismat Konnection (क़िस्मत कनेक्शन) wanting to see how the pair of Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapoor would work onscreen. Directed by Aziz Mirza, the movie is set in Canada where Shahid is a new architect looking for a break. Lady Luck finally shows up in the form of Vidya Balan, a community worker, whose community center will need to be demolished if Shahid is to succeed. (Vidya Balan here reminded me of Sandra Bullock in Two Weeks Notice.)

The plot is amateurish, and the pace so slow that you might prefer to watch paint dry instead. The music is mostly forgettable, the only solace being Kahin Naa Laage Man. Turns out that the copycat Pritam has lifted even this one from a track by The Boss. This movie can be skipped, yes, not worth watching even by the Vidya Balan fans amongst you! 🙂


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