The Guru

The Guru is a fun movie which in retrospect I should have seen a long time ago, considering how much it used to show up on Star Movies and HBO. Jimi Mistry stars as a dance instructor from India who arrives in USA with dreams of becoming a movie star. Having no luck at the movies he ends up acting for an adult movie with Heather Graham. With some philosophy from her and a stroke of luck he turns into a guru who preaches sex as the solution to all problems in life. With the help of Marisa Tomei, he gains popularity but it also brings distance between him and Graham who he loves.

Despite what its theme might suggest, The Guru is a good clean romantic comedy that is lots of fun to watch. A tight plot and fast pace ensures that there is no boring moment. Definitely an entertaining movie to watch once.


2 thoughts on “The Guru

  1. srivaid 2011-05-01 / 22:58

    Unrelated, but how did you get the “Share this” part on to the blog…
    Is it supported by wordpress by itself or did you add code?

    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2011-05-02 / 06:50

      Srivaid: Go to your WordPress blog dashboard, look under Settings -> Sharing.

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