The Seven Year Itch

Though I had seen the scene of Marilyn Monroe‘s dress billowing over a subway grate a countless times, I had no idea about its origin. I recently discovered that Bisi Bisi, a Kannada movie was adapted from The Seven Year Itch, the movie which spawned this iconic scene of Marilyn Monroe. It is based on a play and stars Tom Ewell opposite Monroe.

Tom Ewell is a book publisher in New York who sends off his wife and kid to Maine for the summer. Reminiscing over their seven year marriage during his lonely evenings at home, he starts to day dream about the irritability of his wife. A voluptuous young model (Marilyn Monroe) moves in as his neighbour and an accident brings them together. The summer heat starts to get to his head and he starts to plot to have an affair with the model.

It might sound unbelievable, but even the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe does not make this movie watchable. The plot is soporific and is complemented by equally lame acting from Monroe and Ewell. The Seven Year Itch is definitely not worth scratching. 😀


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