Malaya Maarutha (ಮಲಯ ಮಾರುತ)

Malaya Maarutha (ಮಲಯ ಮಾರುತ) is a 1986 Kannada movie starring Vishnuvardhan, Saritha and Madhavi. Malaya Maarutha is a raaga in Carnatic music and it literally means the wind of the mountains. Understandably, music is the theme of the movie. Vishnuvardhan plays the disciple of a music maestro, who cannot seem to be able to sing despite many years of study. When his master dies, he transfers his power of music to him and he goes on to fame. With the help of Saritha and Madhavi he fulfills his master’s dreams. In the end he loses his power, but regains it with the help of Saritha.

Vishnuvardhan, Saritha and Madhavi have all acted well, but the story and script of the movie are weak and a letdown. Thankfully, the music is fantastic! There are many memorable songs, Ellellu Sangeethave sung by Yesudas is my favourite and it is, for the lack of a better word, divine! 🙂 Malaya Maarutha is worth a watch for the delightful musical feast it presents.


3 thoughts on “Malaya Maarutha (ಮಲಯ ಮಾರುತ)

  1. srivaid 2011-01-09 / 11:27

    ‘favorite’? I can understand ‘colors’…but this…

    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2011-01-09 / 12:22

      Vaidya: Out of my control and happening subconsciously dude. Other than the Economist, all the English sources I read all day use US English. Corrected it anyway, need to watch out 😀

      • srivaid 2011-01-10 / 00:45

        lol…am almost like a conscience keeper 😀

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