Rama Shama Bhama (ರಾಮ ಶಾಮ ಭಾಮ)

Rating: 3/4 (An entertaining laugh-a-minute comedy starring Ramesh and Kamal)

Rama Shama Bhama (ರಾಮ ಶಾಮ ಭಾಮ) is a 2005 Kannada remake of the Tamil comedy Sathi Leelavathi. Ramesh Arvind plays the lead role of Rama, a guy who has gotten bored of his wife, kids, dad and home. He meets beautiful Priya (Daisy Bopanna) while buying a flat and falls for her charms. While on a secret vacation with her in Goa, his affair is discovered by his old friend (Kamal Haasan). Daisy also discovers that Ramesh is married, things heat up and Ramesh chooses to live with Daisy. Not giving up easily, his wife (Urvashi) sets up a drama to teach Ramesh and Daisy a lesson.

Rama Shama Bhama must have been easy and fun for Ramesh and Kamal, since they acted in the original too and totally rock this movie. The movie is very funny, using the innocence of Urvashi and the forgetfulness of Kamal to the hilt. The North Karnataka accent of Kamal and his wife is the icing on the cake. The music is nothing to write about. Rama Shama Bhama is a very entertaining laugh-a-minute comedy.


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