Shutter Island

Rating: 4/4 (A mystery guaranteed to take the viewer on a thrilling ride.)

I am always open to a good mystery like Shutter Island. It had me enraptured when I saw it on a recent Emirates flight. Leonardo DiCaprio is a US marshal who arrives at a mysterious prison-hospital on an island to investigate the disappearance of an inmate. Not only is he dogged by the suspicious behaviour of the hospital staff, he is also having nightmares of his murder of a Nazi officer during WWII. His (now dead) wife also starts to appear in his dreams and even daytime hallucinations. His investigation starts to reveal that the hospital is not all what it seems, but is being used to conduct secret tests on the inmates.

Coming in the same year as Inception and starring the same Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island too relies on distortion of reality. Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Kingsley deliver supreme performances, an Oscar for either would not be surprising. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the movie is a fantastic mystery set in dark and rainy conditions on a desolate island. It has a strong plot, tightly told and is a thrill to watch. Shutter Island is an awesome watch guaranteed to take the viewer on a thrilling ride.


2 thoughts on “Shutter Island

  1. Priyank 2010-10-17 / 22:51

    I didn’t like the movie so much. I was able to predict the ending within the first half of the movie. Even one friend who has read the novel said its not really a good adaptation.

  2. kannadasongsdownload 2010-10-30 / 21:33

    hmm nice blog 🙂 gonna watch few movies which got 3-4 star

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