Bommarillu (బొమ్మరిల్లు)

Rating: 2/4 (Despite its snail pace, Bommarillu is quite a fun movie to watch.)

I can understand a bit of Telugu, but to watch a Telugu movie I need subtitles. Thankfully, I got such a chance recently to catch Bommarillu (బొమ్మరిల్లు) a 2006 romantic comedy starring Siddharth and Genelia. Siddhu (Siddharth) is doted by his father (Prakash Raj) from a young age and his dad does not stop making his life decisions for him even though his son is an adult. This causes much frustration to Siddhu, who is unable to face up to his dad. Siddhu loses it when his dad chooses a wife for him and he is engaged to her. He runs into bubbly Hasini (Genelia) and it is love at first sight. Hasini though is a happy-go-lucky character and it takes a while for her to accept the profession of Siddhu’s love. Siddhu’s dad is angry on learning of his son’s adventure and Hasini get 7 days to live in Siddhu’s home and win his family over with her charm.

Bommarillu is interesting, but the first half really plods along. It is only in the second half, with Hasini’s capers in Siddhu’s home that it gets entertaining. Siddharth is disappointing, but Genelia and Prakash Raj have acted well. The music is mostly forgettable, the only track that remains in memory is Appudo Ippudo. Despite its snail pace, Bommarillu is quite a fun movie to watch.


2 thoughts on “Bommarillu (బొమ్మరిల్లు)

  1. Pramod Biligiri 2010-09-12 / 05:13

    One of my most favourite movies! 🙂 Have seen it quite a few times. I thought Siddharth did well as the lost little rich kid.

    I liked the music also. Apudo Ipudo of course. And also Bommani Geesthe, Nammaka Thappani.

    Btw did you see my reply to your comment on Haas’ post about violin?

    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2010-09-12 / 08:58

      Pramod: Seen the reply. I am gathering the various tracks you folks recommended before I reply to it. 🙂

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