Milana (ಮಿಲನ)

Rating: 3/4 (An endearing romantic drama.)

Milana (ಮಿಲನ) is a 2007 romantic drama starring Puneeth Rajkumar and Parvathi Menon in her debut role. Akash (Puneeth) marries Anjali (Parvathi) as per his parents’ wishes, but is shocked when she asks for a divorce immediately after. She had married Akash out of parental pressure, but is only interested in finding and living with her now-missing lover Hemanth. Akash takes the situation in his stride, working towards the divorce, which they find out takes a few months to obtain through the Indian legal system. In the meanwhile they have to live together, which is not easy since they are always fighting each other. They mellow down with time and become good friends as Akash helps Anjali find her lover Hemanth and Anjali too discovers that Akash was in love with another gal before his marriage. The climactic moment arrives when their divorce papers are finally ready and they need to sign off on their legal separation.

Milana is a breath of fresh air in Kannada movies! The principle duo and the supporting cast have all acted well. Puneeth and Parvathi make a beautiful onscreen couple and I might catch more of their movies. The story is interesting, though the comedy baggage and the couple of fights could have easily been buried. The music by Mano Murthy and the heartwarming lyrics by Jayant Kaikini go along great together. I loved the tracks Male Ninthu Hoda Mele and Ninindale. Directed by Prakash, Milana is an endearing romantic drama in Kannada.


8 thoughts on “Milana (ಮಿಲನ)

  1. Pramod Biligiri 2010-09-05 / 13:45

    Even I have heard from one of my friends that this is a surprisingly good movie. Will watch it sometime.

    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2010-09-05 / 14:42

      I am eager to see the Puneeth-Parvati pair in the recently released Prithvi movie. I love the music from this movie, it has been on my playlist for a while now. Incidentally, this movie deals with the mining mafia in Karnataka! 🙂

  2. kannadasongsdownload 2010-09-25 / 16:07

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    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2010-09-25 / 16:15

      Thanks for the offer. But, I only blog occasionally and do not have time for writing a full time blog. Good luck with your Kannada music blog 🙂

  3. kannadasongsdownload 2010-09-25 / 16:09

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