[ Trailer ]

I saw Scoop on my SIA flight from SG. The movie is directed by Woody Allen and stars Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Pransky (Scarlett) is a young reporter from the US who is vacationing in the UK. When participating in a magic show performed by Sid (Woody), she sees the ghost of recently deceased reporter Strombel. He informs her that the man behind the recent string of murders (called the Tarot murders) is Lyman (Jackman), an aristocrat. Sid and Pransky team up to investigate Lyman faking as a father and daughter pair. Soon, Pransky has fallen in love with Lyman, while Sid is starting to see some disturbing signs that Lyman could actually be the Tarot killer.

The movie has flavors of romantic comedy and suspense. The former is nice, but the suspense is trivial and stupid. Scarlett is cute as the very innocent reporter and Woody is pretty funny. The movie doesn’t seem to rise above the charms of its actors and the nice looking British countryside. A good watch, nothing more.


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