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Saw Steven Spielberg’s most recent venture Munich. The movie is based on real incidents. The year is 1972 and the Olympics are being held in Munich, West Germany. A Palestinian militant organization named Black September takes the Israeli Olympic team hostage and in the end kills them all. To take revenge, Israel forms a secret 5 member team lead by Avner Kaufman (Eric Bana) to assassinate the key members of Black September who planned the hostage. The team goes all over Europe finding out the members and kills them one by one. The Israeli team also takes losses. By the end, every team member except Kaufman gets found out and killed. Kaufman survives and moves out to NYC to live with his wife and kid.

Steven Spielberg isn’t doing well going by his movies. His last movie War Of The Worlds was severely disappointing. Munich is just about watchable. Eric Bana has acted well. Some of the assassination plans are interesting to watch. The depiction of the 1970s is really good. But, the story doesn’t really rise up to keep the movie engaging.


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