School Of Rock

There used to be a way to stick it to The Man. It was called rock ‘n’ roll!

Saw the comedy School Of Rock starring Jack Black. Dewey (Black) is a guitarist who is kicked out of his own band while they’re preparing for a rock contest. Looking for work, he fakes as his flatmate and lands a substitute teacher job at a prep school. To his surprise he finds his class to be very talented in music. He sees in them a chance to form a band and win the rock contest. He fools them into a class project called Rock Band and they start training. Meanwhile, the school principal and his flatmate’s girlfriend try to break his plan.

This movie was simply stomach-aching-hilarious. I laughed so much that I actually got a tummy ache. The kids have all acted superbly. But, the movie is all-Jack-Black. He takes the movie to an entire new level with his rock antics. You’ll enjoy this more if you know a bit about rock culture. Don’t dare miss this movie!


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