Look, Up In The Sky

Saw the documentary film Look, Up In The Sky: The Amazing Story Of Superman. The film follows Superman from his birth in the minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster upto the present day release of Superman Returns. The Superman story evolved with the times as his character was tweaked across various media — comics, radio, tv and movies. He has always been there for Americans, through WWII, the Great Depression and Vietnam, changing his character in subtle ways to match the generation. The film includes appearances from the important people involved with Superman (comic artists, movie directors, actors), shots of rare comics from the series and rare footage (Superman audition shots and stuff like that). There is also the whole set of Superman superstitions which primarily started after George Reeves (who played Superman on TV) committed suicide and was strengthened when Christopher Reeves was paralyzed. The narration is by a very cool voiced Kevin Spacey. This film on DVD is ~2 hours long. I watched the shorter (~1½ hour) version which was shown on A&E. Not to be missed if you have an interest in Superman/superheroes/comics.


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