The Truth About Cats & Dogs

Beauty or brains? What does a guy really go for in a gal?

In the romantic comedy The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Abby (Janeane Garofalo) is a short, not-so-attractive veterinarian who hosts a radio show on petcare. Her neighbour Noelle (Uma Thurman) is a tall, blonde model. Abby’s in a fix when a caller on her radio show asks her out on a blind date. Worrying that this guy might not like her looks, she sends in Noelle as herself. The guy (Ben Chaplin) falls in love with his date. The relationship continues over phone calls which are answered by the real Abby, and lead to stimulating intelligent conversations. The guy starts suspecting that the woman he dates outside is not the same as on the radioshow or the phone. Abby doesn’t know how to reveal herself and express her love to him. Meanwhile, Noelle falls in love with him for real.

A fun story with good acting, this is a nice movie. Perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon.


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