The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy is the sequel to the movie The Bourne Identity. The movie starts off in Goa where Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) and his girlfriend Marie have relocated. He still cannot remember everything from before his amnesia but has now started to see flashes of his past. In Goa he is chased down by someone and in the process Marie is killed. He lands up in Europe to find that he is being framed for the murder of CIA agents, a murder that he didn’t commit. Bourne is again on the run now, all over Europe and Russia, from the CIA who think he is the murderer and from the real killers who want to finish him off. In the process, he also gets to discover his true identity and some of his past.

The first 20 minutes of the movie are shot in Goa. Thankfully, a realistic image of small town India is shown instead of some overhype. Bourne even drives a dusty Maruti Gypsy! This movie looks and feels just as good as the first one. The action is gritty, pace is fast, camerawork is excellent and the locales in Europe are shot brilliantly, all in that light sepia-like tone. The car chase at the end in Moscow is the tops. If you liked the first movie, this one should also be neat.


Welcome To Mooseport

Saw the Friday movie Welcome To Mooseport. A retired US president Eagle (Gene Hackman) moves to a small town named Mooseport to work on his lucrative book deals and lectures in peace. Peace is not what he gets. He is thrust into the mayoral election for the town against the town plumber Handy (Ray Romano). Handy is pretty miffed since the prez is also dating his girlfriend of 6 years. The whole media converges on the small town to cover this event. Does the prez win the election? Does Handy win his girlfriend back?

Gene Hackman is perfectly suited for the role of a retired president. Ray Romano is cool in his non-comedy role. Decent comedy movie.

The Island

Saw the movie The Island. The year is 2019 and humankind has been saved some years back from a global contamination. Humans now reside in a huge sealed colony where they live, sleep, eat and work. No one gets to go outside. The colony is administered by a Dr. Merrick. Into this world, wake up the protagonists Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson). They are pretty curious about why their world is so organized and whats happening there. The only surprise in these people’s lives is a daily lottery which picks out some winners. The winners get to go out to a pristine island full of trees and beaches which is supposed to be uncontaminated. So, these humans lead pointless lives, all of them wishing to win that lottery and get off this colony. Is this world quite as it seems?

Nope. The curious L6E soon discovers that the colony residents are being cloned and grown like products for organs! Thats right, there is a normal world outside the colony. In 2019, a biotech firm is offering insurance for organs to their clients by growing their clones and keeping them fed and healthy until the need for an organ comes up. There is no island. Whenever a client needs an organ, the corresponding clone is chosen as the lottery winner, killed and the organ transplanted to the client. The clones are just the life insurance policy of the humans outside.

L6E and J2D escape from the cloning colony and reach the home of Tom Lincoln who is the client for L2E. Meanwhile, Dr. Merrick discovers something surprisingly new — the clones though grown artificially have been gaining the same knowledge patterns as their clients. He orders the mass killing of all these clones. It is now upto L6E and J2D to save the clones.

The Island is quite convincing with the sci-fi story. Very believable that clones could be grown for organs. Isn’t it already possible with animals? I found the story very similar to An Orison Of Sonmi~451, a story from the book Cloud Atlas which I’m currently reading. The Island is much more convincing that its other copies like The 6th Day. The futuristic settings of the movie are good. There are a bit too many product placements though (Puma, Cisco, Nokia, MSN, XBox etc). The chase scenes and action are neat. Good movie.

A Tale Of Two Wives

Caught an afternoon comedy movie called A Tale Of Two Wives. As the title says, Paul Gallagher, a shrink is married to 2 women. His first wife is an author and the second is a pianist. He is able to manage them both without each of them knowing he is married to the other. Thankfully for him, they are on the opposite sides of the Atlantic. He switches back and forth on alternate weeks between NYC and London practising in both places and thus balancing his wives. His life goes haywire when they discover each other and decide to take revenge by screwing up his life.

This is tried-n-tested Bollywood wine now in a Hollywood bottle. The movie though funny at times doesn’t really rise to the level that our desi versions can notch up to. Can’t beat the experts at their game can you? Mediocre.

The Whole Ten Yards

Caught the movie The Whole Ten Yards on TV. Jimmy, the hitman (Bruce Willis) has settled in Mexico with his wife Jill. Oz, the dentist (Matthew Perry) finds himself in trouble when mafia leader Lazlo kidnaps his wife to get something from him and Jimmy. They chase each other all over Mexico and Los Angeles. There is a teeny little twist at the end. But, by the time you reach there you’d thrown something at the screen.

TWTY is supposed to be the sequel to The Whole Nine Yards. It doesn’t compare to the former in any way! The villain Lazlo tries to be funny, but he just isn’t. Jimmy acting like a housewife just doesn’t cut it. The story is so confusing, it would make a Bollywood director blush. Not funny at all!