The Ladykillers

Saw this quaint comedy called The Ladykillers. The movie stars Tom Hanks and others. The story is set in Mississippi, in a town which is predominantly black. A professor with criminal intent rents a room in the home of an extremely innocent old lady. He convinces her to allow him and his Rennaisance musical ensemble to practice in her cellar. The ensemble is playing the wrong notes, they are actually planning to dig their way from her cellar to the moneyroom of a nearby casino. They are successful and get their money. However, the old woman finds out their secret. They are left with no choice but to finish her off.

The movie is short and fun. The ending of the movie is so cute! Tom Hanks plays the eccentric professor. The quiet settings of the Southern US town are pleasant. The cinematography (especially the colors) are excellent. The movie’s background soundtrack is noticeably different, filled with pleasing gospel music.


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