The Ladykillers

Saw this quaint comedy called The Ladykillers. The movie stars Tom Hanks and others. The story is set in Mississippi, in a town which is predominantly black. A professor with criminal intent rents a room in the home of an extremely innocent old lady. He convinces her to allow him and his Rennaisance musical ensemble to practice in her cellar. The ensemble is playing the wrong notes, they are actually planning to dig their way from her cellar to the moneyroom of a nearby casino. They are successful and get their money. However, the old woman finds out their secret. They are left with no choice but to finish her off.

The movie is short and fun. The ending of the movie is so cute! Tom Hanks plays the eccentric professor. The quiet settings of the Southern US town are pleasant. The cinematography (especially the colors) are excellent. The movie’s background soundtrack is noticeably different, filled with pleasing gospel music.



Dear Mr. Nagathahalli Chandrashekhar,

Are you really the guy who made the movie America America? In a movie where you could have just wowed audiences with scenes from USA, you went ahead and actually gave us an intellectual memorable journey which resonates with me even to this day. Madhu, Priyank () and me decided to catch your latest movie Amrithadaare at INOX today. At the worst we expected a decent movie.

Sure we can see that the heroine Ramya is cuter than a baby and that Dhyan will break a lot of female hearts. We know that the songs of this movie are just fabulous, I still have them on my playlist. But, you can’t just thrown in nice looking people, good songs and not deliver on the execution and expect a good movie, did you?

Sadly, thats what Amrithadaare is! There isn’t even a semblance of a continuous story here. The couple’s love story isn’t believable. The effort they put into the home they build isn’t. And lastly we can’t believe even when you try to pull at our heartstrings by drowning the couple in tragedy. Even a guest appearance by the Big B can’t save this movie. Sorry! Hope to see a better movie from you next time.


A Bend In The River

“The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”

V. S. Naipaul’s book A Bend In The River is set in Africa. The story is narrated by Salim, a Indian Muslim who is brought up in an African country on the coast. His family is into business and when he gets bored with the easy life on the coast, he ventures to set up a business in a town deep inside Africa beside a river. Through his eyes, the reader gets to see how life changes in the African town and its country as a new leader takes control after independence bringing change and reform which in the end turns out to be not so purely good after all. All this is seen through Salim’s or his friends’ eyes as the reader goes through their daily life. Being a long time African resident but not a native, he gives a mix of an insider and outsider view of the African town life.

A Bend In The River is not too long and is quite an easy read. Naipaul’s details on Africa town life are vivid and detailed. It is easy to see similarities between that and some facets of India too.