Last Best Chance

Last Best Chance is a documentary movie about a nuclear terrorism threat to the USA. In the movie, Al-Qaeda plans to acquire nuclear weapons and detonate them in US and UK on the anniversary of the US attack of Afghanistan. They acquire nuclear material from Belarus and assemble the bombs in Poland. Meanwhile, the US and Russian governments get wind of their moves, but are not able to stop them. The movie ends when Al-Qaeda successfully moves the bombs into the US (through the US-Canada and US-Mexico border) and the UK. The movie is followed by an interview of Senator Richard Lugar (R) and former Senator Sam Nunn (D) with Tom Brokaw. Answering some of the questions, they do indirectly hint at how little the current Bush government is doing to prevent such a catastrophe.

The movie hinges on the belief that the last best chance for the US government to stop a nuclear bomb going off within its borders is by controlling the nuclear material at its source at all the places in the world. Once terrorists get hold of nuclear material, making a bomb out of it pretty easy. The movie is very short (~45 minutes) and quite interesting, except that the focus keeps shifting between the different incidents at very short intervals. This docu-drama is funded and produced by the NTI. If you are interested, you can order a free copy of this DVD.


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