My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

Rating: 4/4 (Hepburn, music and dance rock this classic!)

Higgins, a phonetics professor takes on a bet with his friend that he could transform a poor flower selling girl named Eliza to speak English so well in 6 months that she could pass off as royalty. That is the classic movie My Fair Lady I watched today. Rex Harrison plays Higgins and the beautiful Audrey Hepburn as Eliza. Higgins treats Eliza like scum, but diligently teaches her to speak fluently and also works on her grace and manners. He succeeds in showing her off doubtlessly as a royal at the Embassy Ball. What is to become of Eliza after he wins the bet?

Rex is a natural, Audrey is great. The movie is a musical and is filled with excellent songs. Everyone starts dancing and breaks into a song every now and then! 😉 Some of the tunes are still stuck in my head! The background symphonic music is delightful. My Fair Lady though a bit long, is a lot of fun to watch.


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