Apthamitra (ಆಪ್ತಮಿತ್ರ)


Rating: 3/4 (Good thrills, great music)

More than a year after the movie released, after everyone and their dog has seen it and after it even got remade in Tamil as Chandramukhi, I saw Apthamitra (ಆಪ್ತಮಿತ್ರ) this weekend. The movie was still running in theatres in Mysore!

A palatial mansion in a village. A room in this mansion is haunted with the ghost of a court dancer named Nagavalli. An engineer Ramesh (Ramesh) and his wife Ganga (Soundarya) buy the place. Despite several warnings not to open the room in the top floor, Ganga one day opens it. After that, strange things start happening at the mansion. Ramesh gets his psychiatrist friend Vijay (Vishnuvardhan) to investigate. Meanwhile, Ramesh’s uncle gets a priest to exorcise the ghost. Is this all really the work of the ghost of Nagavalli? Can they stop her before she wrecks more havoc?

This was a good movie, I liked it. Good acting by Ramesh, Vishnuvardhan and especially by Soundarya. She is absolutely gorgeous in the movie. Too sad that this was to be her last movie! The music in the movie simply rocks, especially the haunting melody Ra Ra. It has been on my playlist continuously for several months now.


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