Let's Enjoy

Let's Enjoy

Rating: 2/4 (Timepass)

Let’s Enjoy is a Bollywood-movie-in-English, full of new faces. Armaan, a dude who was out of India for 4 years has returned. The movie centers around a farmhouse party he has thrown to rediscover his friends, and also his old girlfriend. The party turns out to be the meeting point for several other characters and their adventures. There is a couple who want to venture beyond first base at this party since they have been dating for 5 years now. There is a male model who thinks this place could be his big break. There are two twins who are the DJs and turn out crappy music throughout the length of the movie. And not to forget, there is Armaan’s old flame Shreya who (drumroll please!) falls for a silent kind of guy at that very party! Timepass movie.


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