Mission To Mars

Mission To Mars

Rating: 3/4 (Good watch)

Released in 2000, Mission To Mars is yet another Hollywood sci-fi movie set in Mars. The year is 2020 and a human mission to Mars goes bad when a strange tornado kills all the astronauts except one. The rescue mission to save the one survivor gets into problems but still manages to land on the red planet. Can they survive the dangers of the planet? What is the big secret on this planet that is causing these strange occurrences?

The first hour of the movie is totally unimaginative, a letdown. But then, things start to get interesting. The red aura of Mars is all pervading and is shot excellently. I also loved the details in the depiction of the spacecraft. The climax about the origin of life on Earth and its connection to Mars is really sweet! You cannot help but feel that with a bit more spit and polish, this could have been a great movie. This is a good watch, especially if you have not seen any Mars movie yet.


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