Swades (स्वदेश)


Rating: 4/4 (Thoughtful and inspiring)

In Swades (स्वदेश), Shahrukh Khan plays Mohan Bhargava, a NASA project manager who studied in the US and continued working there. His parents died a while ago and he has no one left back in India. Except for his nanny who is now in her village. He decides to support her by bringing her back to the US and heads out on a short visit to India. In her village he is enamoured by the strong willed and graceful Gita (Gayathri Joshi) who runs the village school. He is also very disturbed by the archaic caste systems, poverty and lethargy of the people he sees there. During a verbal duel with the panchayat members about the values of USA and India, he is forced to do something for the people to prove his point. Is he able to bring back some sparks to the gloomy village? How does this affect his life after he returns to America?

I had got some negative comments on this movie, but I loved it! The chemistry between the characters played by SRK and Gayathri is fabulous. The visuals of the rustic scenes and landscapes are spacious and beautiful. There is a underlying humour throughout the movie. The background score is light and catchy. Ashutosh Gowariker recreates his Lagaan magic with memorable characters. And above all the theme of the movie is close to my heart and inspiring. Thoughtful movie.


4 thoughts on “Swades (स्वदेश)

  1. shamima 2009-08-03 / 17:30

    I loved this movie too… I loved the style of the actress, very subtle, understated but charming nevertheless 🙂

    • Ashwin Nanjappa 2009-08-03 / 17:38

      Shamima, this is one of my favorite Hindi movies. Totally agree about the acting of Gayatri Joshi! I would say that you and Gita (the Gayatri Joshi character in the movie) look quite alike and have similar grace too. 🙂

  2. shamima 2009-08-03 / 19:00

    thanks for giving such a nice compliment 🙂

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